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Gary Heller

Gary Heller Photography

Brooklyn, NY


Gary Heller is a published photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

Many of his photographs are now available here as framed or unframed prints, canvas gallery wraps, metal and acrylic prints. All come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee directly from our print lab.

"My work is most always inspired by light and shadow, shapes and definition as well as character and mood. I have a fascination with abandoned places and forbidden spaces. I think we all do, there is an allure to the mystery and perhaps hidden dangers that abandoned things suggest, and we are drawn to the beauty of decay."


ArtTour International magazine cover/ feature December 2011
ABC television network series "V"
Kim Crawford Wines
Retro Lovely Magazine Vol.4
Marquis Magazine issue 51
ShutterPhoto magazine
Serendipity Magazine
The Fetishistas Cover August 2011
The Pinup Files
DECONSTRUCT -life... deconstructed. home, food, music, art & more
Home D�cor Exchange
The Ithaca Journal- Grand Prize winner of Historic Ithaca Barn Survey Photography competition.
various blogs and Ezines.


Cow by the old barn, Earlville NY by Gary Heller


Barn 1886, Old Barn in Walton, NY by Gary Heller


Douglass C-47 Skytrain - Gooney Bird by Gary Heller


Manhattan Bridge, afternoon by Gary Heller


Steel Water Tower, Brooklyn New York by Gary Heller


Midlife Crisis in Progress - Abandoned Asylum by Gary Heller


Little Rustic Barn, Adirondacks by Gary Heller


Radial Engine and Prop - Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar by Gary Heller


NAVY - Kaman K-16B Experimental Aircraft by Gary Heller


On the Water Wagon - Agricultural Relic by Gary Heller


Charming Old Red Doors Portrait by Gary Heller


Autumn barn and tree by Gary Heller


Snowy Winter Barn by Gary Heller


Essence of Life by Gary Heller


Barrels by the Window by Gary Heller


New York Water Towers 19 - Urban Industrial Art Photography by Gary Heller


Wagon and Wildflowers - Vertical Composition by Gary Heller


Red Shack on Tucker rd - Vertical composition by Gary Heller


Rusty Truck Flower Bed - Charming Rustic Country by Gary Heller


Country Chevrolet - Old rusty abandoned Truck by Gary Heller


Hole in the Roof by Gary Heller


Brooklyn Water Tower and SmokeStack - Black and White Industrial Chic by Gary Heller


Barn in a misty field by Gary Heller


United States Marines - Beech C-45H Expeditor by Gary Heller


New York Water Towers 18 - Greenpoint Water Tower by Gary Heller


Red doors - Charming old doors on the abandoned house by Gary Heller


Seaside by Gary Heller


Mystic garden - A wonderful and magical place by Gary Heller


Love is Everything - Footprints in the sand by Gary Heller


Ointments Tonics and Potions - A 19th Century Apothecary by Gary Heller


Apocalypse Brooklyn Waterfront - Brooklyn Ruins and New York Skyline by Gary Heller


The Coopers Shop - 19th century workshop by Gary Heller


The Coopers window - A glimpse into the Artisans Workshop by Gary Heller


Conestoga wagon at the Blacksmith - Wagon Repair by Gary Heller


Little Old Barn in a Field - Landscape by Gary Heller


Little Old Barn in the Field - Ontario County New York State by Gary Heller


and no one was there - to see the full moon over the bay by Gary Heller


Spring within Cunningham Tower by Gary Heller


Barn Door - View from within - Old barn picture by Gary Heller


Autumn within Cunningham Tower - Historical Ruins by Gary Heller


Autumn within Long Pond Ironworks - Historical Ruins by Gary Heller


August morning - Donkey in the field. by Gary Heller


The Blacksmith - Smith by Gary Heller


The Cooper - 19th Century Artisan in his Workshop by Gary Heller


A fading memory one summer morning - Abandoned house in the woods by Gary Heller


Crooked Old Barn on South 21 - Finger Lakes New York State by Gary Heller


Old barn near Stryker Rd. Rustic Landscape by Gary Heller


Red Barn Stormy Sky - Rustic Dreams by Gary Heller